need help crafting a drone defense strategy?


Understand the risks.

Know where you’re vulnerable, and understand how unauthorized drones could cause damage, property loss, or even bodily harm.

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Know your options.

Counter-drone tracking and mitigation technologies are rapidly evolving, and so are the laws governing their use.

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Protect your assets.

Work with Drone Defense Group to create a plan to mitigate the risk of unauthorized drones to keep your most valuable assets safe.

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Drone Defense Group’s experts will answer your questions and provide thoughtful and relevant guidance so you have a plan to stay safe.

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Massive growth in the number of high-end consumer drones, combined with varying degrees of both operator knowledge and regulatory enforcement, presents a risk for businesses, facilities, and events that must be understood and managed.

With a drone defense strategy, you define how your company or organization views the threat and how you plan to prepare and respond.

Do not be blindsided. Think ahead.
Know your risks and be prepared. 

Why You Need a Drone Defense Strategy

Customers We Serve

Military Installations

UAVs entering restricted military installations and property present an asymmetric risk to military installations around the world.

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Federal Agencies

Unauthorized UAVs hovering around federal agencies creates a danger to fixed assets, intellectual property and human capital.

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Intelligence Facilities

UAVs entering restricted space around intelligence agency facilities present an enormous threat.

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Consumer-grade drones can easily carry five pounds of contraband directly into your prison (and many already have).

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Energy Infrastructure

Unauthorized drones flying over or near fuel storage facilities present an enormous public safety hazard.

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Data Centers

Medical campuses, research laboratories, and other sensitive government-owned office buildings require robust drone defense.

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TV & Movie Sets

Paparazzi and curious movie goers are using drones to infiltrate movie sets and steal pre-release footage.

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Start with a drone defense plan

Tthe potential for breaches of security or outright attacks on buildings, facilities, or personnel can lead to invasion of privacy, lost revenue, physical damages, injury, or death. 

Drone Defense Group is your drone risk partner, and can provide the following services to keep you safe.

  • Comprehensive Risk Assessment
  • Organization Best Practices Creation
  • Counter-drone Technology Assessment & Selection
  • Stakeholder Outreach
  • Training & Education

need help crafting a drone defense strategy?