Drones present a considerable risk for nearly all types of organizations.

Massive growth in the number of high-end consumer drones, combined with varying degrees of both operator knowledge and regulatory enforcement, presents a risk for businesses, facilities, and events that must be understood and managed.

The potential for breaches of security or outright attacks on buildings, facilities, or personnel can lead to invasion of privacy, lost revenue, physical damages, injury, or death.

Drone Defense Group has the expertise and solutions to help you understand the risks, know your options and ultimately protect your assets.

Technical Program Management

Drone Defense Group will conduct a comprehensive on-site analysis to determine an organization’s specific risk profile. The formal assessment takes advantage of our comprehensive risk framework, and in certain scenarios, can include accumulated tracking data from our sensors installed on the ground for a period of time.

Once risks are thoroughly researched and understood, the focus shifts to implementing a technical solution to stay on top of threats and to mitigate against all types of loss. Drone Defense Group’s experts thoroughly understand all counter-drone technologies available and can recommend a solution set that precisely addresses your specific risk profile.


While most organizations have a plan for cyber-security incursions and active-shooter scenarios, having a practical drone defense strategy and accompanying standard operating procedure (SOP) in place is now more critical than ever before. Our experts will work with you to make sure your security team and employees are prepared and know what to do in the event of a drone attack.

Data Analytics & Analysis

Drone Defense Group’s unique offering, “airspace security as a service”, provides ongoing monitoring of the airspace above and around your facility. Our cutting-edge monitoring tools and reporting application provides instant notification of airborne threats and can be customized to provide the most relevant information at the exact right time. And, because Drone Defense Group has a macro view of incursions across our client base, our data team can mine for patterns — specific equipment types, repeat offenders, and so on — to keep you safe.

Conferences and Workshops

Drone Defense Group’s team of experts are available to provide in-person training and workshop style events. In these sessions, all aspects of counter-drone techniques can be addressed, including tracking technologies, active and passive mitigation methods and creation of organizational best practices.

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From a full on-site inspection & analysis to ongoing training and outreach, Drone Defense Group can help you craft and execute a comprehensive drone defense & security plan.

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