Drone Defense Group Presents Workshop at Drone Berlin 2017

Drone Defense Group was honored to present a workshop at Drone Berlin 2017. The workshop was presented on Friday, September 22, 2017, and was titled:  “How to Protect From Unwanted, Uncontrolled, and Malicious Drones – An in-depth look at the various techniques organizations and governments are using to protect their airspace and assets.”

Over the past few years, the use of drones has increased at a staggering page. Hobbyists and commercial users alike are inventing new ways to use affordable and powerful drone technology to do everything from filming a breathtaking video to delivering relief after a natural disaster.

With any wave of new technology (e.g. automobiles and aircraft), there will be accidents by well-meaning users and in limited cases people who use the technology harmfully. Professionals whose job it is to ensure the safety of facilities like airports and prisons are wondering how to handle this threat – a difficult proposition as technology and regulations are rapidly changing.


Drone Defense Group at Drone Berlin 2017
Drone Defense Group conducted a workshop on Counterdrone Techniques at 2017 Drone Berlin on September 22, 2017.


The first step in reducing risk is awareness and education, which is why we were honored to present a workshop presented at the annual Drone Berlin expo that addressed three areas:

  • What’s the current risk environment across different sectors?
  • What types of technology have been developed and deployed to track drones and ultimately mitigate the risk of loss?
  • With the constantly changing regulatory environment in the United States and the European Union, what are some legal and best practices to keep people and assets safe?

Learn more about our Counterdrone Techniques workshop.


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