Prisoners are utilizing drone technology to acquire weapons, drugs and communication devices.

Drone Defense Group provides comprehensive on-site analysis, helpful drone security training, and comprehensive counter-drone solution architecture to keep prisons safe.

The security level at most prisons, maximum-security especially, is notable. Bad elements need to be kept in, but even more important, these same bad elements need to be kept safe from each other and the civilians tasked with maintaining order. The news was abuzz recently surrounding two high-profile prison contraband smuggling cases.

Contraband is, unfortunately, an everyday reality in most prisons, but how it arrived was quite different.

Cell phones, drugs, and weapons are making their way into prisons in increasingly creative ways, and drones are the principal conduit. Just a decade ago the thought of an unmanned device penetrating a prison and dropping off cocaine, a handgun, cell phones or any other apparatus was inconceivable. Yet technological advances in the drone world have been impressive and these often undetectable, aerial devices are capable of breaching even the most heavily fortified prison complex.

Stop the “flying contraband” problem with a comprehensive drone defense strategy.

The FAA has established general operation guidelines for unmanned aerial systems (UAS) – not being able to fly within 5 miles of an airport and more than 400 feet above ground. In the case of North Carolina, UASs are barred from operating within 250 feet above, or 500 feet around the periphery of the state’s prisons.

Yet the enforcement of these guidelines is still in its nascent stage, and weak at best.

Companies like Amazon are driving drone innovation and research to new heights. They are ever-prevalent, cheaper by the day, and excellent smuggling machines in the wrong hands. Organized crime and gang culture define most prisons, and keeping contraband from infiltrating is by far the most time-consuming part of the job for most prison guards. The safety of the entire prison is at-risk if drones cannot be effectively monitored.

Drones have severely compromised the security of major prisons nationwide, which illustrates a clear need for a comprehensive drone defense action plan. The technology will continue to evolve, so staying one step ahead is fundamental.

This is the moment to implement a prison drone defense plan.

Drone Defense Group has the expertise to help.

Drone Defense Group will conduct a comprehensive on-site analysis to determine an organization’s specific risk profile. The formal assessment takes advantage of our comprehensive risk framework, and optionally, can include accumulated tracking data from our sensors installed on the ground for a period of time.

Once risks are thoroughly researched and understood, the focus shifts to implementing a technical solution to stay on top of threats and to mitigate against loss. Drone Defense Group’s experts understand the counter-drone technologies available and can recommend a solution set that precisely addresses your specific risk profile.

Large, open-air events (sports, concerts, festivals) present a security challenge on many fronts. In addition, these events tend to attract amateur drone operators. Drone Defense Group will set up a temporary monitoring solution on-site, and then work side-by-side with organizers and law enforcement to monitor the airspace, identify unauthorized drones and help locate their pilots.

Most organizations have a plan for cyber-security incursions and active shooter scenarios, but having a practical drone defense strategy and accompanying standard operating procedure in place is now more critical than ever before. Our experts will work with you to make sure your security team and employees are prepared and know what to do in the event of a drone attack.

Drone Defense Group’s team of experts are available to provide in-person training and workshop style events. In these sessions, all aspects of counter-drone techniques can be addressed, including tracking technologies, active and passive mitigation methods and creation of organization best practices.

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From a full on-site inspection & analysis to ongoing training and outreach, Drone Defense Group can help you craft and execute a comprehensive drone defense & security plan.

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