Drone Defense News: Recent News Recap (Early October Edition)

Oro Valley Uses Drones To Support Police at Music Festivals

After the recent Las Vegas shooting, police have admitted that outdoor venues are very difficult to secure due to the open space and the sheer number of people that are in attendance. The drone program is designed to watch large crowds of people as they move throughout the festival, before alerting police of any suspicious behavior. This is said to be an important tool for events and it is going to continue to be tested as other events and festivals approach. Read more (Tucson News Now).

Drones Used To Carry Contraband into Michigan Prison Went Undetected for Two Months

A police report has stated that drones have been used to carry contraband into a Michigan prison, and they went undetected for a total of two months before any suspicion was aroused. Police suspect that the drones were used to carry cell phones, due to the increase of confiscated phones in the prison. Other packages were known to contain tobacco, marijuana and more, however, officials managed to recover this package before it was delivered. Drones pose a serious threat to prisons and there is no known way to block these attempts from happening. Read more (AP).

FAA Warns Citizens Not To Fly Drones near US Landmarks

The FAA has released a series of guidelines that discourage people not to fly drones near US monuments. This includes the Statue of Liberty, the Folsom Dam, Mount Rushmore and the Boston Historical Park. Those who choose to disobey these rules face criminal charges and civil penalties. This ruling stems from the fact that the FBI is concerned that terrorists in the US could potentially use drones to carry out attacks, and that things need to be put in place to try and prevent this type of thing from even being a possibility. Read more (Ars Technica).



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